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Serato DJ problem

Hi first post here completely new to djing just got my first controller, a pioneer ddj sb. I am using serato dj intro and having a problem that is confusing me.

I have been following the tutorials for the ddj sb on youtube by pioneer. I am up to the basic operations video. I was struggling with the beatmatching so decided to purchase the 2 tracks that the tutorial used.I have been practicing with these tracks over and over again so iv gotten to know them a little. I know that track 1 is 125bpm. it has been each and every time iv loaded it into deck 1.

However today whilst practicing i pressed the mouse by mistake in serato dj where it displays the bpm and this changed the bpm to 117. i clicked the mouse a few more times to try and reset it but have had no luck getting it to return to 125bpm. Iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling serato dj but evreytime i load the track into the deck its still saying 117bpm. The track doesent sound any different but that may be my lack of experience.

Tempo is set a 0 and the serato still says its at 117bpm.

Does anyone know how to reset this ?


Bascially i dont know what im doing and have been following the tutorials on youtube and im now totally confused.


Apolgies if iv explained it badly. any help would be appreciated






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You have the ability to set and clear beatgrids and to adjust the BPM within Serato to whatever you want.

My recommendation is to open Serato DJ (with the SB unplugged), load the track to the player, find the first beat of the song, then click "Edit Grid."


You'll see this section appear:


Click the CLEAR button.

Next click the SET button.

Hit play to see if it's got the grid (and BPM) where it should be. If so, click SAVE.

That's it.

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Or if you haven't mapped a grid yet click the actual BPM number itself and manually type it in (for this particular instance where you know the song BPM) or if it says tap, tap the space bar to the beat until you are satisfied with the reading.

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