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Rekordbox 4.0 - Disable SYNC on track load

When I load a new track I would like the option to disable it automatically syncing.

For example going from a 128 bpm track to a 98 bpm track if you have been using sync previously, it automatically syncs the 98 bpm track which is pretty pointless! Then when I want to play it at normal speed I have to un-sync it, change the pitch range back from WIDE to 10% and then turn off MASTER as otherwise it won't let me move the pitch fader. It's a lot of effort just to play a song at it's regular speed!

Serato DJ has an option "Maintain Sync on track load", i'd love to see something similar in Rekordbox please!

Ian Laverick Answered

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Not sure I understand. 

I have the same issue. When using sync and load a track on the same deck I would like the sync function to be auto-turned off. Is it possible? I'm on a DDJ RR.

Thanks a lot.

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