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DJM 900 NEXUS won't wake up

I was playing a song and my DJM 900 NEXUS just shuts down on me. the wake up button is flashing and after a some minutes it stops. When I try to start up it shuts down again.

Axel Goudesone Answered

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I was playing at a wedding event yesterday and my DJM-S9 just shut down on me....then i noticed the wake up button flashing also. Also, after some minutes it came back on but, shut back down for a little longer.

After unplugging it  for about 10 minutes it came back on but, shut down again! I thought maybe it was the volume too loud so i kept it low. But, as the evening went on i slowly turned up the volume and it shut down again. Only this time...it was for like 20 seconds or so. came back on.....did it again and again for 5 more times...smh! At this point i just left the volume low. This had been my forth time using the mixer since i got it...first couple times in the club on power speakers no problem. Next was 4 days ago at an outdoor event...no problems. but, this last time i used non-power speakers with an Amp (if this makes any difference)  Today i'm checking for updates hooking up everything again for a test run but, i cant afford to have this happening at gigs. Help Please!

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