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CDJ 900NXS & Serato DJ

I'm using 2 CDJ 900NXS with Serato DJ and have been recently experiencing strange behavior with the players. They will randomly jump back to the start of the tracks on occasion without touching any buttons on the players or laptop. I also noticed that while the track is cued up it will slowly advance on the virtual turntable almost as if the bass is moving it with every beat. Has anyone else had issues like this?
I've used Scratch Live with CDJ 350's - no issues
I've used Serato DJ with CDJ 2000's - no issues
So I'm assuming it's the 900NXS players. Virtual DJ also skips with the CDJ 900NXS' but not with 350's or 2000's

The players are up to date with most current firmware and my MacBook Specs are as follows:
Macbook Pro 15-inch Mid 2012
2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024MB
NVDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024MB

Any help would be appreciated

Michael DjMikey Pompa

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