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4.0.5 Bug and observation.

1. The bug. This is hard to reproduce on purpose but has happened several times in the current version while I am working on tracks with no hardware connected. When I minimise the window or allow laptop to go on standby occasionally when I return to the software there is no ability to play a track. No matter which button/track on the GUI I try, the play pause, clicking preview waveform or the small artwork play button. When the software is restarted it functions normally again. 


2. observations. I'm using a 2012 retina macbook pro and rekordbox seems to idle at 45-50% of one core (of 8) CPU when running, also using high performance graphics. When playing tracks, setting up cue points etc the software uses the same amount of cpu power. 

Not sure if this is the case for all versions of the software released but the current version demands a lot of power and drains my battery quickly when I'm working away from a power source. Is there any way pioneer can look at optimising the software a little better in versions to come?

Maybe a lite mode? Allowing user to spend time away from power sources tweaking cue points, grids and making playlists etc without that constant high graphics card usage and high idle. 

Perhaps I have to many intelligent playlist rules that the software is monitoring all the time? 

Other than that great software a pleasure to use glad I swapped over from Serato. 


Brendon Fry

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