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Rekorbox and ddj rx issues report


I have been using the ddj rx for two days now and I have found some issues with the software and the controller. I am using the last update of Rekorbox with the last software update for ddj rx and last itunes version on OS X Yosemite. I am not here to complain because i know this software is new and I was expecting some problems. Here ares somes problems i noticed :

- rekorbox isn't able to detect my itunes playlists, it only display the default "all music" list. 

- when you select a track on the controller (ddj rx) and press load key it "focus out" from music list, as a result so when you scroll with the browser button it goes back to the top and it is quite annoying

- some audio dropouts (already in many topics) and one time i wasn't able to cue a music from deck B, i had to restart rekordbox to be able to cue deck B again

Alexandre Tillay

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