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CDJ2000 - loops do not load when pressing cue/loops call button

This happens to me only when i store ONE loop into the track memory.

Here is how i proceed:

1 -I set a loop on the first 16 beats of a song using rekordbox. I hit memory and the loop gets stored on the first slot.

2- I export the track on a usb device. The track is not present on that usb device at the time of exporting!

3 - I load the track on the cdj2000 player (auto cue is on), and i press right/left cue/loop call buttons. Instead of loading that saved loop, the player remains at it's current position. The two loop in/out buttons suggest the loop is not engaged. In normal circumstances, if a track has no cue/loop stored into the memory, a message will pop out on the screen letting you know. This is not the case here, no message appears.

Sometimes the loop gets loaded when you hit the cue/loop call buttons, but only after you load the track for the first time into the player. If you load another song and then come back to it, the player won't load that loop.

A workaround is to hit play first , then hit "left cue/loop call" button. In this case the player will load that loop.

@ Pioneer specialists, please check this for yourselves and tell me the results.

Marian Eugen

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