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[CLOSED] Pioneer DDJ SX vs Pioneer XDJ- R1

Hi there im looking to buy a pioneer dj controller right now and am majorly confused between the ddj sx and the xdj r-1. What I like about the XDJ- R1 is that it has the ability to play cd's and USB's and works with Rekordbox. And what I like about the DDJ SX is the 4 channel mixer and how good and solid the controller is and the ability for it to record my mixes. Since they both are almost the same price, could you please suggest what do i go for! I am very very confused, need to make a decision in the next one week as I am travelling to a city where I will be purchasing it from. Also i know that there are issues with the XDJ-R1 right now but pioneer claims that the issues with the XDJ-R1 were fixed with a firmware update that came out last night. Is it true ?


Please HELP :)


Devesh Nichani

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@Devesh Nichani


Most issues with the XDJ-R1 has not been fixed with the latest firmware update.


  • THE XDJ-R1 is still unable to read more categories than ARTIST, ALBUM, TRACK, BPM, PLAYLIST, FOLDER. When searching by BPM, you can't make it search for example 100BPM +-2 so everything between 98-102 is covered. This is, as far as I know, possible with all other Pioneer Products and this major issue has not been fixed with the latest firmware. Pioneer has stated that this should be possible, however, it is not. For more information, see topic here:



  • Cue memory recall not possible with the latest firmware (except hot cues), despite Pioneer has told us it should be possible, see topic here:



  • The Sync function problem has not been fixed with firmware 1.0.5 This means, for example, remote mixing with remotebox is not an option since you then have to rely on the sync function. see topic here:



  • A few other major problems that aren't fixed in firmware 1.0.5 are:
  • Track’s load, but are unable to play
  • After a certain time, the XDJ-R1 states that rekordbox analysed tracks no longer are analysed, which makes the quantize and sync functions impossible to use for more and more tracks on the usb-stick the more you’re out playing. A detailed description of the 2 problems just described can be find in my comment from July 30 in this topic: 



In Summary, The XDJ-R1 has potential, but all the major problems with this product (still not fixed with the 1.0.5 firmware update) makes it unusable at the moment. Go for the DDJ SX if the problems with the XDJ-R1 isn't fixed.


Kind Regards:


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Thanks so much for a detailed reply, the XDJ-R1 looks flawed and has many many issues while the DDJ SX seems like the opposite. I havent come across any such issues with the DDJ SX and another interesting point is that while this product has potential, it does not appear to be targeted for top-level performance applications, as it is missing several features present on something like a 2000 (good color display, waveform track profile, slipmode, cue memories, reverse to name a few.) Most of which are present in the DDJ SX if i am right ? Another reason to go for the DDJ SX

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Also depends if you want a laptop or not and the use of Serato DJ.

I have the DDJ SX and and XDJ R1.

I loved the DDJ SX from day one.  It leaves you with a ton of creativity with 4 decks and Performance Pads are so cool.  I also love the simplicity of Serato DJ and find it very straight up.  You can map the controller for Traktor which is a nice option.  My only issue with the DDJ SX is it is HUGE.  It might not fit in DJ areas of some clubs or bars.  I bought a keyboard stand for it and use that at some venues because it does not fit on the DJ table.  I also hate lugging a laptop around which is why I bought the XDJ.  With the current issues with the XDJ I am using an Aero for setting up stuff on CDJs and the SX when I have room to lug it.  Just make sure you have a laptop that fits the specs for running Serato DJ. 

XDJ can be used with CDs and a USB stick.  - for USB you use Rekordbox software to analyze.  I honestly find this software a bit archaic but it's fine.   If your going to dive into sotfware you should just go with Serato DJ and the SX.  If you want to use CDs then the XDJ R1 or a CDJ set up.



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Thanks for the reply :) so the thing is, i aint gonna use CD's for sure. I just like the R1 for the fact that its exactly like the CDJ line up so eventually when I play in clubs I can prepare my sets at home and use Rekordbox coz most clubs if not all consist of pioneer CDJ players. 


With the Serato and DDJ sx I am limited to that particular product and then playing on CDJ's in clubs become very hard. Plus if the R1 works like advertised I love the rekordbox app for iphone, ipad and remote box is just insane! the fact that I could control wirelessly is so cool and tempting, may not use it but is very appealing! and about the laptop yes i have a MBP retina for serato which should run just fine... 


I wish pioneer could just have the DDJ sx with a USB input and an option for Rekordbox. That would be the most amazing product to get!

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