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Even though I prefer beatmatching manually, I'm interested in a 100% automatic solution.  It could be fun on 4 simultaneous decks ;-)

For electronic dance music, there is no problem. Normal analisys and the job is done quite good.  But what about 70's Disco music.  A lot of tracks have a very irregular beatgrid.  So what is the right way?  Analysing Dynamically? Even with that, beatgrids are not always ON the beat.  So... I get myself together and correct the whole track.  Setting the first red bar of each 4 bars exactly on the beat.  Hell of a job ;-)  But, the metronome is ticking fine, whole track exactly on the beat.

So what's next? When you play the track, you see the BPM varying from (example) 123.23 to 123.79 to 124.13 to ... 122.19 ... so it's constantly going up and down (which seems normal, as the beatgrids are further or closer). 

Now we take a PERFECTLY correct elektronic dance music song, say constantly 123.00 BPM  Perfect regular beatgrid.  Started and playing at master, master tempo enabled, sync on.

And we start the second (the disco song, with the very irregular beatgrid/bpm).  We also activate the sync function and master tempo.  

Can I expect the two numbers run PERFECTLY in sync now?  For minutes long? Because this doesn't seem to be working very good, in my opinion.  Or am I doing something wrong?


Christophe Platteeuw

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