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rb 4.0.2 metronome tick bug

Mac OS X 10.10.5, rb 4.0.2, audio Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, computer iMac 27 late 2012.

The metronome tick acts in an erratic way, sometimes it does not tick even though it's activated and needs to be activated again.
A thing that happens always and consistently is that when I click to lock a track the tick disappears and needs to be activated again. This happens always both when clicking the lock icon in the strip under the waveform and when locking a bunch of tracks with the right click menu. It happens both when locking a track that it's playing and when locking other tracks that are not playing.
Restarted rb and also rebooted the computer but the bug was still there.
Very very annoying when preparing a bunch of tracks.
I reinstalled 4.0.1 and the bug disappeared, so I will stick with 4.0.1

Julia O

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