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connection question

A general question:
is it possible to connect a DJM and 2 CDJ's to rekordbox in performance mode?
I really like Rekordbox, and am thinking to switch over from Traktor, but the big issue with Rekordbox is that Pioneer doesn't provide much tutorials. Like for this question specifically i found a manual, but it only talks about connecting 2 CDJ OR a DJM. It says nothing about connecting both. Does this mean that it's impossible to use a normal dj setup (2 cd's and mixer) in combination with Rekordbox Performance mode?
In that case they shouldn't have called the package 'Rekordbox DJ' :-)

I also have tens of other questions about the best way to use this software, but again i cannot find any info on it. Like for example I would like my playlists to mimic my music folder structure. So if i add a track in a specific folder, that the corresponding playlist is also updated. The same synchronisation might happen with a USB stick. But i guess that's not possible neither?


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