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corrupting library on exporting?


Been using for a few years now, never had any issues. nut recently I'm constantly getting "device error occurred" or "failed to export" pop up and it corrupts the stick. sometimes it'll go thru to 80% then does it, sometimes not as far as 20% does this on two sticks i own, one 64gb, one 128gb.
If its exported a bit of it, the tracks are on there but no playlists, so i usually remove the pioneer folder, then copy it back on again, other times ive reformatted the usb and copied a dump of the usb before corruption back on it. its really beginning to peev me off now. 4 times today alone its corrupted it

Would it be the stick on the way out already? they both only about 2 months old, the stick contents are the same on each.

Si / toke

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