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Help/Suggestion Is Automatic Folder Sync Possible?

Hey everyone. 


Is there a way to automatically add music to the collection from a set folder?


What im looking to do is eliminate the constant dragging and dropping and having to look and see where i left off last. 


I want to have my music folder, and add new things I download to it. Open rekordbox and it imports. Is this possible? Before anyone says itunes automatic add to folder - itunes deletes the folder and uses its own folder structure which I do not want. 





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Yes I want that function too... I think this would be a great function to auto sync a main music folder with all of the subfolders in it and convert it into a playlist folder with it's subfolder playlists! briliant idea my friend! :)

Dj Giannis Mavridis 1 vote
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Just seems so redundant to have to have to drag and drop all the time. 


If i delete a song out of the folder on my computer, it should delete out of the collection and so on and so forth. automatic folder syncing. this is driving me INSANE that this isn't a feature in DJ software. seems like a barebones thing. 


John 1 vote
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Would essentially be a watched folder. if something happens in that folder it updates the collection and vice versa. 

John 0 votes
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Wanted, yes!  If possible, I would like to go even further... Automatically created subfolders based on playlist names when exported to USB.  



Instead of exporting to USB grouped by Artist name (ok...) and "Album Name" (why the hell on album?)

Christophe Platteeuw 1 vote
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