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rb 4.0.3 bug - shifting beatgrid

Quite often when I'm listening to a track there's a sudden noise, like a beat skipping, and then the beatgrid goes out of phase with the actual beat. I can hear it very clearly from the metronome and it's also visible on the wave form. This generally happens if the track is almost at the end. It happens also when the track is locked!
If I reload the track again, everything goes back to normal. It seems that the actual beatgrid stored in the database is not affected but only the beatgrid loaded during the playback skips.

It did not happen to me until yesterday. Before that I was just checking and tidying up my existing library (created with rb 2.1.1+rekordbuddy+traktor), and this bug started from yesterday when I added new tracks to the library. The tracks were imported directly from folders on my drive, not via iTunes or rekordbuddy. All the new tracks were checked with MP3 Scan+Repair before importing.

My configuration: Rb 4.0.3 - Mac OSX 10.10.5 - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Julia O

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