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Major Problem With Performance Mode using 2 CDJ900's on Win7

Hello, All hopefully someone can help me figurw out what's going on. I've been try to solve this issue for 4-5 days now. My CDJ900's internal audio rounting will only work with the audio from the physical CDJ deck 1 literally coming from the RCA cables coming from the physical CDJ Deck 2 and Vice-versa. Yes, I have my output settings in the software set up correctly. I have made sure to select the correct deck from the hardware, example selected my left CDJ#1 to control software deck #1 in the software same goes for my right CDJ#2 selected to control software deck 2. In my preferences output section settings. This is how it showing up.

 Output Deck1 

CDJ900-1 (1)

 CDJ900-2 (1)

Output Deck2

CDJ900-1 (2)

CDJ900-2 (2)

However this does seem to vary from time to time. I have tried using Asio4all. I usually do for most of my other software DAW's and Programs and have never experienced this kind of issue before. For some reason when using Asio4all the sound will come through the correct hardware/software deck but the audio will not play without breaking up or glitching out. I'm guessing rekordbox doesn't seem to like asio4all aggregator. Does anyone know what the heckbis going on? I'm running out of my patience and subscription. I really need help a.s.a.p. Please. I have used almost every single version of the CDJ900 drivers either obtained by windows up date or directly from pioneer. I'm pretty surw I've tried everything you just need to believe me when I say the CDJ internal audio routing is coming out through the wrong CDJ's RCA....😳

Grant Carlisle

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