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Cdj 350 drifiting out

Hello guys !!!


I m experiencing some trouble that I will try to explain.

I have done the beat grid on Rekordbox (see pics bellow),and the beat grid it's correct .When I was playing the tracks ,they loose the beatmatch...like if the tracks wasnt on the same pitch...

I made this two videos bellow ,the first one the tracks are ok and doesn't drift out ,but in the second video ,like you can see ,the tracks drift out...



Before contact you here ,I have tried:

- On another pair of cdj 350...same thing again

- On another cdjs ,this time at a cdj 2000, same thing...

- Another Dj and I remade the beat grid ,and continues the same thing...

- Actually I have more tracks doing this than playing normally...

- I downloaded again the tracks,this time from another source...same thing

- I tried convert the tracks to mp3  again in 320kbps ...not change...

Are someone having the same trouble?

Pls help me...




Cristian Schvantes

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