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Connection Android -> XDJ RX

I want to know - can I connect the tablet/phone with android system to XDJ RX using such an adapter , or may only form of connection is via a router wifi ? 


Mini USB 5pin make cards LAN RJ45 Ethernet.

- Supports 10 / 100Mbps auto-sensing capabilities.

- Connections to the Internet to help the USB port. -

Complies with IEEE 802.3 (10Based-T) and 802.3u (100Based-TX) standards.

- Support both full-duplex and half duplex.

- Plug & Play Network Standards:

IEEE 802.3: 10Base-T IEEE

802.3u:100Base-T, TX, and T4 compatible

Data transfer rate: Ethernet: 10Mbps / 20Mbps (half / full duplex)

Fast Ethernet: 100Mbps / 200Mbps (Half / Full Duplex)

Host Interface USB 2.0 (1.1 Compliant)

Network Interface: RJ45 female

Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS.Android 2.3 or later

Dimensions: 58 x 21 x 15 mm (. L x W x H.).

Cable: 150mm White color

Operating temperature: -10 - 60 degrees

Storage temperature: -20 - 60 degrees

Certificates: FCC, CE

System requirements -Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Android 2.3 or later can be used.


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why the hell would you use such a adapter?? you can connect your android telephone / tablet easy with a charge kable.

i can connect my iPhone via wireless with a router or the power kable from my device, same works with android

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Android and the power kable USB? Doesn't work...This system works only with router wifi.

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・Due to the specification change of Android 4.4 and later, writing to SD card is restricted by Android.
 A library can be newly created in the location where writing to SD card is allowed by Android 4.4 and later ((sdcard)/Android/data/jp.pioneer.prosv.android.rbm/files).

Note: If those who use an SD card on Android 4.3 and earlier update to Android 4.4 and later, track information will not be displayed due to the above-mentioned restriction.
If you encounter such a problem, please import the tracks in the Android device or in rekordbox (Mac/Windows) to rekordbox (Android) again.

Note: An issue where some Android devices cannot be connected to CDJ using a USB cable if such a device is updated to 4.4 or later has been identified.
If you cannot connect CDJ to your mobile device using a USB cable, please try connecting them via Wi-Fi.


So, connect wired XDJ RX to your WI-FI router and your android phone wireless :) I'm curious if in that way you can use Rekordbox app with XDJ RX.

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Need a fix too for connecting Android and or ios device (ipad mini 2) VIA USB on Xdj-rx top deck. I have 3 older phones that do Not connect via USB Note II, ZTE zmax and Kyocera. All android 4.3 or earlier. The SD card is removable, Fat 32 Sandisk and works fine on Xdj-rx USB with a USB/reader adapter (SD to USB). Also my Xdj-rx does not load my ipad via USB. I thought Xdj-rx was compatible with Android/ios???? Anybody having success with rooted or JB devices? I want my extra touch screen.

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1) No sorry??? Are you serious? The XDJ-RX is advertised as Android and ios compatible (standalone unit). "No sorry" is not an acceptable answer for a product advertised as compatible with ios/Android. This is really looking like something that would have the elements of a "Deceptive Trade Practice Claim". Please tell me where I am misunderstanding the following: 1) "no sorry" and 2) Xdj-rx is Advertised AS compatible with ios and Android?

1a  I do need to know what Android devices this XDJ-rx works with- as Advertised. This would be an act of "Good Faith" another legal issue.

1b  I believe the USB will work with an ipad ( i think USB is possibly not receiving enough power) from rx- which should have been addressed in R/D by Pioneer. It could be a firmware issue too? I will test the Usb port and try a reputable powered USB hub ( i know Pioneer dosent recommend) BUT aint working anyway- just sayn'.


2) Also when I connect my ios via USB it causes the entire xdj-rx to lockup... and humm through speaker's. Even the Mstr Vol is locked up (cant turn down Vol i.e the humm). I have to power unit down (which also dosent work) it takes about 2 minutes for the LCD to go off! Its like the capacitor is holding a charge??

3) Your midi compatible Advertisement is also misleading with serious limitations

4) I purchased this unit from an Authorized Vendor, they billed me without having 1 in stock. I demanded shipment of this xdj-rx. Nobody had xdj-rx in stock and back ordered by every Vendor, which included at least 1 waiting list; INCLUDING Pioneer whom I contacted when unit did not ship, but billed and lied to? I was shipped a demo unit at full price, by Vendor.

5) I also had my Gate/color knob stop functioning on one deck ( powered down/off) and started working again. Not acceptable for playing out and in middle of gig. As we speak my USB midi setup with laptop is more reliable... but none wants to see a laptop Dj anymore! I get it, I do play-out on CDjs! So I bought this $1499. Xdj-rx for the occasional Wedding and to stay in the Rekordbox management system

5a  I have an apparent hardware failure... ie the Gate/Comp function. This may need to be addressed with firmware, but I expect Pioneer to correct.

6)  Also HOT CUE Lists on include Pioneer dj software Rekordbox, DO NOT EXPORT to XDJ-RX. "No Hot Cue Bank Lists"

7)  Has Pioneer made the cue and start/pause button(s) mapable on non pioneer controllers or are they still BLOCKING these functions from being assignable?

8) Please update analyzing function to include Mixed in Key features, or better yet allow import from Mixed in key and their cue point recommendations;

My issues: My Unit is probably out of warranty, Im just starting to use it (been organizing/ analyzing Rekordbox and Mixed In Key to work with Ableton, Traktor, itunes and the XDJ-rx and CDjs.... wasent easy and very time consuming. * itunes is still changing artwork and tags on purchased music (not bought through itunes. Cant have that, so no itunes for now! Should have bought Cdjs instead. Should have received a new unit with tested or available firmware by Pioneer- when originally ordered (Pioneer released unit prematurely). All my firmware and drivers are up to date. I do not use this connected to my laptop (not turning a 1500 piece of Kit, into a NOT fully mapable controller AND that can ONLY be used in Midi mode or Xdj-rx hardware mode.... REALLY?

My ios device works fine connected via USB on CDJ 2000NXS2 as of yesterday... So Not the ios and Not the lightning cable.

I have a lot of tips and tricks. I will continue to test this Unit and pass on my setup to community. What I need now is for Pioneer to stand behind me and lets work on this together. I will also be testing.

Also I am able to WRITE TO SD Card. I and my Android is 4.3 and earlier. I can unmount sd from phone and use (with usb adapter) on XDJ_RX. It works fine! The Android phone(s) will NOT connect via USB to xdj-rx. RX throws an error message.

I will be testing new wifi hardware soon... and report back.


Also, all the above issues are current and apply to all XDJ-rx users that are merging to a PRO setup, reliability and organization. I use 2 Pcs (1 x32 and 1 x64) Both Win 7 Ultimate, Android and ios (with an Apogee Duet).

As a side-bar I use Pro Tools, other Daws, multiple controllers, sound card(s)/Audio interfaces and other external hardware- thats reliable via USB (so far LOL), but 7 years running.  I have not tested a Mac; yet.

Pioneer standalone XDJ-RX should NOT be so troublesome. Just sayn'...


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@earpu5e > "No, sorry" was in response to the original post. Those 3rd-party adapters are not supported by our software or system.

"Anybody having success with rooted or JB devices?"

No, we do not support rooted or JB'd devices, so "No, sorry" also applies there.

1a) Yes, the XDJ-RX works with Android and iOS devices. See the information on this page for additional detail.

1b) Yes, an iPad works with the XDJ-RX, no it may not receive enough power to charge, but it will allow it to connect. You could also connect it via WiFi.

2) Well that's a legit problem - we'd need to know more information to provide support in resolving it. File an inquiry ticket here and our rekordbox team will assist you further.

3) Misleading how?

4) I'm sorry, but that's an issue for you to discuss with the retailer. We don't their customer interactions / sales.

5) If it was a one-off, it could have been a fluke or power supply issue. If it happens regularly or all the time, it's possible the hardware is malfunctioning, and you should contact our technical support and warranty service team to have the unit inspected and repaired.

5a) See 5; if it's a problem with the hardware, it can't be resolved with firmware. If no other users are having a similar failure, then it certainly isn't a firmware issue.

6) Correct. The XDJ-RX hardware does not support that function.

7) I have no problems if people make legitimate complaints about problems, but when the solution is already available and they don't research it before complaining, they're doing so without good reason. And yes, this screenshot was taken with a VIRTUAL MIDI device, so it's possible on non-Pioneer DJ hardware.

8) Camelot notation is not yet available but has been requested many times and is under consideration. As for the MIK suggested cue markers, you can import that data through the 3rd party software, rekordbuddy.

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Wow! To: Pulse and Pioneer,

I found your response implying my complaints and experience "NOT" legitimate an insult and a big problem!!!! I took the time to search forum and your search engine; the posts did NOT render a current solution.

I then took the time to post problems hoping for a fix.  As far as MIDI goes... last time I checked Pioneer had cBLOCKed the Pause/Play and Cue buttons from being "USER Mappable" to none pioneer controllers. I have several work stations in my Studio.

MY Rekordbox Prep Workstaion:

When I am preparing sets with Rekordbox, I like being in Midi mode and using a smaller non pioneer Midi controller with Rekordbox/ Piooneer dj. It dosent make sense to use the XDJ-RX (to big, too heavy) for prep work on a laptop and Rekordbox.

My Pioneer/ Rekordbox/ Portable WORKSTATION:

Xdj-rx is primarily designed to be a piece of Kit that allows the Dj to experience and practice a pro setup (CDjs). Its also designed to free the dj from the necessity of laptop and enter the world of Rekordbox on STANDALONE pioneer kit-XDJ-RX. Its ready to go for any live performance and an easy transition to Pioneers CDJs.

I will document my solutions for XDJ-RX on this forum, so others can benefit. Im old enough and experienced enough to be most musicians Grandmother. Im a controllerist, Performing Pioneer Dj and a Tech Geek.  Not the Best but pretty F'in good-  Thx Dj earpu5e

Please confirm following: 1) Are none-Pioneer controllers FULLY User mapable? OR does Pioneer still block the PAUSE/Play start Cue?

I will not be using this forum again for posting real concerns/Questions. I will only provide positive LEGITIMATE solutions (which should be Pioneers duty)

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I will try Rekordbuddy... Problem is My Prep Workstation uses MIK 6 ( Win 7 x32). It wont run MIK 8 ( which has cues). I do own an use Mik 8, but its on my "Big girl" Workstation.

It will be Great when Pioneer and Mixed in Key "come into agreement" with compatibility. Actually Mik doest play well with Ableton or Traktor or Windows 7 (with wrong service pack).

My wish list:  I wish the following would play well together;

Windows 7,8,10, Apple, ios, Android, Pro Tools, Ableton, Mixed In Key 8, Native Instruments, Traktor, Apogee, Pioneer/Pioneer dj/Rekordbox/XDJ-RX and iTunes... Hopefully will play well together someday?

Meanwhile Im using workarounds...

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also Im going to root my old Android devices ( which may be compatible)? Per Pioneers specs on Android versions (when not rooted) these should work via USB. My Rekordbox content is stored on devices Sd card.. SD card can be removed and is documented/ working and tested on CDJ's. Not rooted Aint working on XDJ-RX! These are not being used for phone service (root at own risk). I want to be able to use these without wifi too. Wifi does work... USB via Android does Not work for me YET o the RX. Ill get back to you

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Also THE GATE that stopped working has only happened "one" time. Thank God it was not in a Live situation. Powered off/on and everything back to normal. Really concerns me for playing out Live.

earpu5e Dj (ear-poo-say) 0 votes
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