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Requests: Exclude samples, sorting, play mode and album art

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to "exclude" all your samples already in your sample library from your regular library. It kind of clutters up the whole view. 

And while using the DDJ-RX i get to choose my sorting with shift + the load buttons. But the options are Track #, BPM, Song & Artist. I only use BPM for now, but would it be great if I could chose in the software to trade Track#/Song/Artist for Key/genre/comments! I tried filling the Track# field with a key format, but that doesn't work.

Same with the time, standard its counting UP (time played) but i would like to have it count down (time remaining) when I open the software.

I would like a bigger view for the cover art, since thats my main recognition for records.... I skip through the library very fast in search of certain colors or images. All my cover art is half showing in list mode, but the full mode takes up too many space. Maybe there can be a bigger view box in the bottom, Traktor style? 


These are my points for now, I guess i run into more when I use my DDJ-RX more frequently! xD 



Peter Ywe van Bruggen

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