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 Hello guys, I am using DDJ-SR.

  Maybe is the software on how it works but, why doesn't the autoloop stay on when I press the hot cue that I have set?   if I set a autoloop and I have my hot cue in the beginning of the Autoloop my autoloop turns off when I press the hot cue, I will like the autoloop to stay on when I hit the hot cue and then manually I could turn off the autoloop.

   Another thing is that the beats on the controller does not stay lit to tell you what setting beat you are currently on, you have to look at the software to see if you are in 4 loop mode 8 loop mode ect.. if the light could not be done in the hardware maybe put in a green color on the number of loops in the software  instead of grey so that you could see it better and when you press autoloop it will turn red.

Angel Albino

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