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Traktor Pro 2 Mappings DDJ-RZ? Why not create a solution until Rekordbox is stable enough??

I have a DDJ-RZ, but in my opinion (and I believe lot's of users agree)  Rekordbox is certainly not stable enough. Problem is I can't use it for a live performance because of this, and have even problems doing home mixes as it randomly freezes, unstable pitch etc.

In my opinion  Rekordbox DJ has great potential, but it symply isn't there yet. Software updates are frequent, but it doesn't solve directly all the current problems which I understand. This needs time.

The hardware is great! I know it's sold as Rekordbox only, but not being able to use it without being afraid when it crashes is very frustrating and not acceptabel from a € 2200,00 product.

Why not make it more universal, as you dit with the DDJ-SZ?? It can't be to hard for Pioneer to make a mapping and compatible firmware for Traktor because the units are almost identical. That way we can use the perfect Pioneer Hardware, and Traktor software until Rekordbox DJ is ready!

Don't get me wrong, Although some I am used to Traktor and still miss some things in Rekordbox, I would switch tot Rekordbox as soon as it's stable. That's the reason I bought the RZ in the first place, although it now feels as being punished being an early adopter.

So please Pioneer, help us out with a solution for Traktor! I think we deserved that buying the expensive hardware and you have an almost ready solution for the DDJ-SZ.



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Completely agree, same thing for me . I have a SX2 who works well with Traktor - too much problems with rekordbox ! I would like to buy a RZ but I need to be sure before that my mapping works between the RZ and Traktor until Rekordbox works !  Do you have a mapping for your RZ with Traktor ? Do you wanna try mine ?

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Hi, I tried the one for the DDJ-SZ, but things like cue don't work. I have no other.


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