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Some ideas and problems still remain undone.

Rekordbox 4.1.0 and still some problems remain such as laggy and heavy scroll or drug and drop of a song. Many users and friends that use rekordbox mentioned this problem to me and so do I have same problem. 

Search box still only shows up in playlists and main collection tab. Please make a search bar that is everywhere visible.

Rekordbox is a really great program at its very beggining but to be the best try to make a rekordbox with the sound and smoothness of serato, search bar like virtual dj and tree folder-explorer such as Traktor's or virtual dj's. This would be the finest program of them all if you could make it!

Any news for a portable dvs soundcard for vinyl and cd timecode?

thank you very much

Dj Giannis Mavridis

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