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Recordbox dj and pre usb cdj's 800s 1000's etc

Evening all,

I'm currently running three cdj 800mk2's and a djm 700 mixer, im looking to upgrade to a recordbox enable cdj ie 850's as im sick of burning cd's very lazy i know....

Anyway i've noticed recordbox has within the last few months now got a dj perfomance side recordbox dj which i've had a little play on my laptop

...but couldn't help but notice no information regarding being compatible with a a6/10 style box


so what's happening does anyone know if pioneer are going to release in the near future a traktor a6/10 or serato sl2/3/4 style box so that us older cdj's heads ie 800/1000's can still carry on using these cdj's with the recordbox software which would be great and i do play out on proper cdj's.....or am i blind and these's serato traktor boxes already work?


or am i going to have spend loads of money....






Sam D'Arcy

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