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CDJ 2000 nxs does not bring up hot CUE's in HID mode in Traktor

Hi. I have traktor 2.10.1 running and my cdj 2000 nxs' all are running on 1.25 firmware. i cannot get the hot cue functionality on the cdj in HID mode. everything seems to work fine. aside from revers and slip. am i doing something wrong?

i tried getting the cdj/xdj aggregator to run both cdj's as a sound card since traktor it only can read one at a time but when i do the bar turns red and theres no sound output unless the djm is my soundcard (djm 900nxs2)

am i doing something wrong?

i understand the firmware update on the cdjs for 1.3 is really only necessary if you have the new gen cdj's in combination with original nexus model.

Julio Cruz Jr.

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