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my playlists don't show after plugging USB into CDJ 2000 & nxs



I've struggled with this for a while and need a work around.  Several questions: 


Has rekordbox 4.1 updated its capability to have more than 1000 songs per playlist?  

Does anyone have an answer why I can update my songs coming from iTunes, into rekordbox, and then to a 64 GB USB 3.0 SAN DISK jump drive but all playlists are empty.  'contents' folder has all the artists/songs but n playlists.  


I've tried updating only 1 playlist, with less than 1,000 songs and still nothing.  I'm about to try and delete all contents, and playlists off this drive, empty the trash can and try it 1 more time but I'm sure i'll have the same results.  I'm about to give up on rekordbox all together.  My issue with this has been since day one with rekordbox, not just the recent versions.  


I'm using a mac book pro i7  late 2011 model running 10.8.5.  

on rekordbox it seems to show the finalized playlists fine (memory serves me correctly minus the playlists with over a thousand songs). 

currently my work around is to just create named folders (hip hop, New stuff, classics etc) on my usb drive and just drag each file over into these folders so i can at least play songs on the CDJ but i need a more streamlined method that rekordbox can do.  





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I am experiencing the same issue and it is quite frustrating. Most of what I read online is the only solution is the following:

Plug USB into CDJ, hit menu, load settings

If that doesn't resolve the problem you have to resort to formatting your USB and starting all over again with Rekordbox export/sync :-( 

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