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Serato dj intro laggs


2 weeks ago i buyed the ddj sb from the german store Thomann.de. I downloaded Serato DJ Intro and the latest Firmware for the ddj sb2. After a few minutes mixing in serato it Starts extremly lagging and the sound mutes. I am using a windows 10 System. I tried the ddj sb 2 on my friends Windows 8.1 Laptop and it worked perfektly for hours.  

I would ne really happy if anyone can help me to solve my Problem!

MazZzeL HD

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I would suspect the problem is your computer. Have you done some basic troubleshooting?

- Use the lastest versions of the driver and firmware for your controller
- Use the newest version of the software
- If your computer has an AMD processor, get a different computer as AMD processors are not supported by Serato (or rekordbox for that matter)
- Ensure Windows is up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft
- Check that you have the newest graphics drivers from the manufacturer's website:


- Scan for viruses / malware
- Disable any unnecessary background applications or tasks that may be consuming system resources
- Check the audio buffer / latency setting in the software
- Verify that your power settings do not allow USB devices or hard drives to "go to sleep" or timeout after a short period of time
- Change the USB cable
- Try another USB port
- Try running the application in Adminstrator mode (Windows) or make sure "Prevent App Nap" is enabled (Mac)
- As a last resort, check the computer manufacturer's support site for updates to your hardware or system firmware

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