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My software to FIX iTunes random playlist into rekordbox

Good evening to all, after months and months i wait for a simple fix for random order of iTunes playlist when SYNC into rekordbox, i decided to write myself a software that can be fix it!


1 - Expand to a folder and run it

2 - Select your iTunes music library.xml

3 - For each playlist set the right order, for now you can choos between artist, title and date added

4 - Hit "save"

The software create a NEW itunes music library_fixed.xml

You can now choose from options in rekordbox the new file created ( itunes music library_fixed.xml )

Every time you do a modification, before open rekordbox you must open this software to SYNC the modification into new XML file.


1 - iTunes (new tracks, modifications etc...)

2 - My software (load and save)

3 - Rekordbox

If you like my software, remember to give me a free donation on Paypal...



Please, report bug directly to me thanks!!



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