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No more link after updating Windows 10: one of the problem and the solution


I'm using XDJ Aero and RX on three Windows computer (2x Win 7, 1x Win 10)
After updating Rekordbox to the new version 4.1 and updating WIn 10, my RX doesn't work anymore on the Win 10 laptop.
After multiple tests (firewall, network driver etc - but not trying with the Aero) here is the - sorry for the word - fucking problem after seeing something weird in the ipconfig /all configuration: network have 2x IP adress although only one should be here and must set in DHCP mode, it seems to be static.
How to disable "this" ?
Go to your network card configuration and disable Protocol driver LLDP Microsoft or something like that because I'm french. It's a protocol based on IEEE that bring always some problems.
Hope it will help, because I unnecesseraily lose 40 minutes ...

Vincent Fournaise

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