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Pioneer DJM-800 + XDJ 1000 on traktor pro

Hi guys! I'm using traktor since 2010 always with midi controllers.

I'm considering changing my setup from a Kontrol S4 to a couple of Pioneer XDJ-1000's and a DJM-800.

You know, old habits die hard and I was wondering if I can still use traktor as a part of my setup instead of rekordbox.

Does anybody know if I go with the XDJs and the DJM Is it necessary to get an external audio card or Can I use the XDJs internal soundcard in HID mode to control the decks and also send the audio through the DJM-800?

Thanks in advance guys!!

Luis, from Chile.

Luis Vargas Aravena

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You don't need external soundcard, just connect both xdjs via usb and u'll be fine ;)



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