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How to remove duplicate entries from a playlist in rekordbox?

I had a playlist in rekordbox. I renamed some of the files' (eg. Remix to remix, deleted some dummy information etc.), and edited their ID3 tags.

How I did it was adding the playlists files to the playlist. It asked about duplicate entries, i clicked skip. Then deleted the missing files from playlist.

But after that, in some cases, usually when I only changed eg. an upper case letter to lower, it still remains in the playlist, and I also have the new with lower case characters.In cases when I deleted dummy information (eg. year, some numbers etc.), it was deleted correctly. So it doesn't handle the case editing well.

How can I delete them automatically, without having to delete every of them manually?

(I thought about ordering them by Artist, and when the artist tag missed, I delete them. That's ok, but not all of my tracks had missing artist tag.)

(I have all of the tracks only once in the collection, but in the playlist i have them twice.)

Fabio Mandity Answered

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There is currently no way to automatically delete duplicate tracks.

Mark Gallo
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Because duplicate songs may exist on albums or compilations, there is no integrated way to remove duplicates as some DJs may wish to keep both copies. Sorry.

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@Pulse - thanks for getting back to me. Please note that this feature is very useful in playlists. I can understand your point in to remove duplicates from the collection, but that's not what I meant. At playlist level, I might combine two previous playlists together, but not want to "skip" the duplicates on import because the tracks in the two playlists have an order than I'd like to review first. So I import both play lists, organise what I need, then would want to get ride of all the duplicates. 

And there's always the occasion when you drag in or duplicate a bunch of tunes by mistake. At playlist level, I would suggest this is a very useful feature and worth further consideration.

Simon Cordiner 0 votes
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Again, there's no system in place to do this -- if you were doing it by merging two playlists together, your best bet is to sort by name, then browse through looking for duplicate song entries; songs from the same exact file won't be added as a duplicate if you skip them as that song already exists - not sure what you'd need to review.

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Workaround. Worked for me.
Step 1= Copy your hole hard drive to an external 1+ terabyte external hard drive for safety/backup. You should have done this anyway as we are all professionals and know what it's like to loose Data lmao. Also make a note of how many tracks there are in your collection because this will give you an idea of how many duplicate tracks there actually was later in the process.
Mine was 35,678 ffs will let you know what the difference is when it's completed as I'm writing this as I go along.

Step 2= in Rekordbox in collection press ctrl A so all your tracks are highlighted then on the same external drive make a file called full collection and drag the full collection onto that folder.
ALL this will take hours so just leave it to do it's thing. But when it gets close to finishing it will say to you that there is x amount of files with the same name.
Over 12,000 in my case lol click replace then it will only copy one copy of the duplicated files.

Step 3= once all this has finished copying over and this is the scary part but you have backed them all up so close Rekordbox then delete from your PC all your music. Yes I know that sounds mental but you have it all now backed up twice.

Step 4= now copy the file named full collection back over to you PC.

Step 5= Once and only when the files have completed copying your collection back to you PC unplug the external drive and open Rekordbox.

Step 6= Now don't worry Recordbox can't find any of you files/tracks (this is ment to happen) Now we have to let it search for them by opening in Rekordbox , File , display missing files. then all your tracks should show as missing. Now click relocate and find the file with all your collection in and find the first file it's wanting to relocate. DON'T USE THE SEARCH OPTION or it will not work , scroll down It should be in alphabetical order click on the relivant track and click open. Missing file manager will then ask if you want to use this files location to search for all missing files. Click yes and it's will search for all your tracks. Again this will take some time.

Now all being well your Rekordbox will have found all your tracks and you should now have NO duplicate tracks on you PC or in you Rekordbox collection.
Plus saving you space on your PC
You can all thank me later DJMT.ONLINE
You might loose any hot cues loops or gridsync for some of the duplicated files as I'm not yet sure if it keeps the most recent edited file or not.
Please also remember all your tracks will now be in one file on your PC but your playlists will still be in tact.

Julian Abbott 0 votes
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I think having a duplicate feature delete button along side the files missing etc would be a very good update,, I have just spent the last 3 days (and still going ) organising tracks in to different categories & all of a sudden stumbled across lots and lots of duplicates 

I cant see why the system could simply show you all duplicates and just delete them


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@Karl > rekordbox would prompt you if you were adding the same file (song) twice:

If you have multiple copies of the same song, but stored as different files (multiple versions, or multiple copies of the same version), then it's possible for that - but I'm going to refrain from calling that kind of multiple a "duplicate."

Your best bet is to either use a 3rd party tool like Similarity to find and manage multiple copies of the same song, then once the files are removed, you could remove the missing files from rekordbox.

Pulse -2 votes
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@Pioneer - You are wrong on multiple replies above, see below.

1. It's reallllly simple, just put a button above the "List of tracks" view that says "Remove Duplicates". Click the button, done. (yep that easy, in fact open-source this piece of garbage and I'll fix it myself)

2. There are multiple bugs with the "Duplicates Found" feature. For example:

    a. build two playlists of the same set of music on 2 different days (Date Added column is different, you can see it)

    b. merge one of the playlists into the other

    c. open the playlist you merged into (notice the "Duplicates Found" never shows up)

    d. duplicates in the playlist, feature broken

3. Suggesting using a 3rd party tool to locate and remove duplicate files on the file system has nothing to do with playlist management in Rekordbox. Your suggestion above without a user knowing what they are doing COULD DELETE THEIR MUSIC!!!

At this point, you should be written up for this. The support you just gave above can actually damage other's precious music collection by a product that has nothing to do with Pioneer products.


Levi - 2 votes
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And btw, it is really easy to detect a duplicate... it's called MD5.

Levi - 1 vote
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MD5 would only be valuable if the duplicates are bit-for-bit identical, but many DJs wind up with duplicates from different sources, so the files themselves are not identical. And what if I did have two identical files, then ran one through Serato DJ and edited the grid and stored some hot cues, thus editing the file size itself? The MD5 of that file would no longer match the MD5 of the previously-identical file.

So thanks for that suggestion, but it would not necessarily apply.

Removing duplicates is a subjective process and there is no "best case" scenario unless you are truly dealing with an "identical files" situation (which, as I described above, is not always the case). And once again, even if you did have the ability to identify purely identical files, if you had somehow put one version in a playlist and the other version in a different playlist, when you remove one of those files, I would expect you'd want to have the other fill the gap so you aren't simply removing that song from a playlist. Not exactly an easy process, especially if you then consider the fact that a DJ may have more than one duplicate song.

If you consider rekordbox to be "a piece of garbage," perhaps you may find one of the other DJ applications out there more to your liking.

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