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Restore Library info after computer crash


currently I have no access to the rekordbox version ( installed under my Macbook Pro account as the user account became corrupt.

I was able to restore the 'Playlist Folder' (personal chosen name for the folder) saved on my desktop containing all my tracks which where imported in the Rekordbox Library. 

I also checked my USB's and they contain the majority of the rekordbox playlists I created.

Now I'm hoping I have a couple of options left to recover everything so I still have all of my TAGs, cue points, ...

What's the best approach to restore everything? Is it possible?

Creating a new account on my Macbook implies I'll need to install the latest version of Rekordbox. Are is it possible to install version in some way or the other?

The second topic in https://rekordbox.com/en/support/faq_archive.php?c=184 is maybe a possible way to recover everything but then I'll need the same version = and I can install it anymore from rekordbox.com

Can I import the playlists from my USBs into rekordbox? I don't have all my playlist here so it's not a preferred approach...

And no...I didn't made any backups of rekordbox or the playlists :-(

I hope I have alternatives before starting from zero...



Niels Delamotte

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