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Rekordbox Intelligent Playlists doesn't auto update

I noticed one strange behavior in Rekordbox. When i create intelligent playlist, for example "Songs that has been added within last 2 months" with a rule "date added is in the last 2 months", it creates a list and everything is fine. But when i add some songs into collection, it doesnt update this playlist. Is this normal? or it should be auto updated? Or is it any way to manually update it instead of creating new intelligent playlist everytime i add a new track? 

EDIT: Even if i create new playlist, the songs added today are not listed, maybe it will update in the future? restarting rkdb doesn't solve it

EDIT2: Ok i now know what the problem is. I added another rule to not include songs with tag name "XY". Now if a song isn't tagged at all it wont show up even if it match the rule not including the "XY" tag. So thats the bug which should be resolved.


Again to explain, if you create a intelligent playlist with a rule "does not contain a tag "XY" it only show songs which are tagged (without xy) but it wont show songs which are not tagged at all (im talking about mytag). I guess this should not behave like that =)



Žiga Hacin

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