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HDJ 2000-W recently bought from online retailer... possibly fake?

I have just received a pair of HDJ-2000's (white pair) from an online retailer.

I observed the outside boxing and headphone packaging to be intact and in good shape, the imprint of the new pioneer dj logo (ie the one at the top of the forums and not the old pioneer dj pro logo) was great, and there was no concern to assume the box wasn't authentic.

When i opened the box and took out the headphones, I didn't notice any imperfections on the phones at all, nothing out of the ordinary.

However, I did not receive a carrying pouch, nor did the white mini xlr cable come twisty tied together. The white mini xlr came packaged in a clear plastic bag, which is not what I have noticed in any of the unboxing videos of authentic pioneer headphones....

Also to note, none of the unboxing videos of authentic pioneer headphones had the carrying bag missing from the box...

Finally, and the most important, I am very unsatisfied with the sound quality of these headphones, I also own a pair of hdj 1500's and I'm very certain that those headphones sound significantly better than the brand new pair of HDJ 2000's....

I could be very paranoid, but I'm not convinced that these are authentic. If these are authentic, I'm very underwhelmed at the sound stage and also disappointed that I didn't receive a carrying bag

Addison Ulhaq

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What are the steps I should take to report these headphones to a regional pioneer dealer?

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