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VSX-520 and over air Digital input issues.

I've got the VSX-520 amp and I get my HD signal via antenna. Recently my dog stepped on the remote and the sound went away .  I ended up unplugging EVERYTHING and resetting the Receiver.  I want to start very simply and build adding my other components (Roku2, Wii, Blueray etc)

I ran the HDMI out cable from the TV to the HDMI In on the amp in the HDMI1 slot.  I set the source to HDMI1 and it simply blinks the HDMI on the receiver like there's no HDMI input.

I then thought well the receiver/amp is blown but I discovered I can do the speaker test where the static sound travels from the L speaker to the Center speaker to the R speaker.

Is the no sound because of the connect I chose?  Can I not run theHDMI out to the HDMI In for over the air digital signals?



PS if there is a better forum area to ask this question let me know and I'll repost there.

harry simpson Answered

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