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Cdj350 and traktor pro2

Fellow djs, can any body direct me on how to adjust the sensitivity on the jog wheel while using traktor pro2. Also another strange thing happening is on my left cdj350, I can only play in vinyl mode there when that button is NOT activated on the cdj itself but on the right cdj350 for me to play in vinyl mode that button is activated on the deck itself, very strange.can anybody help? Also I'm not using any usb hubs iv jus plugged straight into Lenovo laptop. I'm not using any external soundcard either as cdj350 has soundcards built in im also using external mixer Djm350. Sometimes my sound cuts out if I'm moving jog wheel to quickly or the sound cuts out for no apparent reason. I have my tracks analysed within traktor also. I have tried to adjust latency settings with no luck. e.g last nite I switched to midi mode on cdj350's turned on traktor, clicked audio setup an was able to adjust latency settings with no problems. Today when I try to do this it says I couldn't change these settings. Any help appreciated.

Alan mcclean

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