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 Hi There

I've changed from Serato to rekordbox and i think it's a very great software. I love it mouch more than Serato. However, is there one thing that annoys me.

If you sort your songs in playlists and the playlists in folders you can't select the folder and show all songs that are in this playlists in this folder. That works in Serato and this function is very great for searching songs when you are in performance mode


One Folder Deep House

with playlists

vocal (5 songs in it)

non vocal (5 songs in it)

commercial (5 songs in it)

so you can't select the folder Deep House and show all the 15 songs.


I really like to have this function in rekordbox dj, if you could do that it would be great.




Lukas Damien Seebacher Answered

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You're talking about "recursive folder listing," and this is a feature that has been requested - we hope to see it added in a future version. Thanks for your comments!

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