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Importing rekordbox database from Mac to PC

So on my Mac i made a backup to an external HD containing all analyzed tracks including the files. I'm planning on using this collection as is , so use the external HD on any PC/Mac in future.

On my current PC i went to preferences/advanced/database management  and selected this HD (drive F: )

I also exported both my Rekordbox.xml and ITunes.xml on my external HD and pointed to these files from the preferences menu, so my playlists are actually there. How can i add the tracks by using this external HD without it re-analyzing all my tracks???


What to do next? Trying to figure it out for weeks already...


I tried 'import folder' > rekordbox_bak but it then re-analysis all tracks? This is not what i want since i changed a lot of tracks using GRID (thousands actually)


Any help is very much appreciated!



Frank Hardenbol

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