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DJM-900 nexus problems!

Okay so I have two xdjs assigned to the 900. one to channel 2 and one to channel 3 (just like any other normal 2 deck xdj/cdj set up) 

NOW the effects to the right of the mixer will not work.



Both decks are playing with the effects channel knob on master. now if i click the on button and turn the level/depth knob up i get no effects none. If i turn the channel knob to 3 it cuts the sound from deck 2 and still no effects. vise versa while turning the knob to channel 2. cuts deck 3. Im completely lost.


Its like that effect knob is singling out channels, and will only play both on master. so while switched to channel 2 it only plays 2 and still doesnt use the effects.



Hunter Cimini

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I'm not sure I'm fully comprehending your question/problem.

The FX assignment knob assigns the FX to a specific channel (or Master, fader, etc.). Therefore, assigning the FX knob to Channel 3 will only apply FX to Channel 3.

When you say you "get no effects none" when you have the FX applied to the Master output, have you tried other FX? Also, are you listening for the FX through an audio system connected to the Mixer's Master Out or through your headphones? If the later, be sure you have the Master cued in your headphones, not the channel. Otherwise, you won't hear any FX coming out of the Master.


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