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Djm 850

Well Let me star with this, 

I have a Mixer Djm 850 with serato dj dvs

and I get some Glitch sounds, even stops the music.

I put the new firmware and nothing everything is the same, also let me tell you that I use the mixer as a sound card and midi without time codes cause I use xdi 1000 as hid control

and I found a bug with the xdi 1000 they are playing and suddenly jumps to the first cue.

my solution was a sl3 with time codes, but there is a few dollars spend to have technology and I get problems.

Macbook pro 10.10 osx

8 ram


serato 1.8.2

serato dj Full Licence and dvs 

So what can I do? is there anybody else with this problem?

Here is a video with the issue.



Eduardo Villarreal

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I've got a DJM850 + two XDJ1000 myself. The only issue I had with tracks not starting in the proper point was when I loaded a new track, it would pick up the time of the previous track. I turned on the box in serato to start at the beginning of the track, and now it works as intended. I am surprised you are getting glitch sounds and music stops when using the DJM850, it works great for me. 

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