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Rmx-1000 Ableton 9, ''vst is corrupt please try to reinstall''

Hello Pioneer DJ!

I have installed both remixbox V2.1.0 and the firmware V2.11 and they both runs perfectly. The RMX-1000 VST plugin V2.1.1  however is a total shitstorm for me to start working. I start the .exe install and connect my RMX-1000 via USB (using no usb hub) as the instructions says and I put it in my program x 96 folder and complete the installation. When i try to open the VST 64x in my Ableton Live 9.6 64x. the VST opens up and it says `''VST-plugin is corrupt, try to reinstall'' like i im trying to crack the software or something :( . I turn off/on my RMX-1000, then the VSt-plugin connects with my RMX-1000 and i can operate the vst using my RMX-1000, BUT it still says `''VST-plugin is corrupt, try to reinstall'' and i get no input levels on the VST so the AWESOME FXs won't work when i turn on the knobs on the RMX- 1000.

I have tried to reinstall the plugin now like 10 times (no joke). I have googled the problem but it seems like no one else has this issue. 

I would really appreciate if you guys could help me out. Half of the reason i bought your  RMX-1000 was so i could use it as an VST-plugin.

BTW You guys did AWESOME work with the RMX-1000. Hats off to Pioneer!!

I use Windows 8



Joel Åberg

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