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Updating deleted all my data

I'm using rekordbox on a Mac. I updated from 4.0.6 (if I remember correctly) to 4.1.0 when prompted today, and then it loaded my collection when opened. However, only the 3 most recently added songs have the memory/cue points I set (Date added: 2/8/16 and 2/9/16) and all the other songs have lost their data (Date added: 2/2/16 and earlier).

I knew I exported this collection, with cue points, to a USB drive, so I put it in and opened All Tracks on there, and there's a "?" icon on every single track saying it was analyzed in an earlier version of rekordbox. So I went back to my main Collection and did "Add New Analysis Data" on all my tracks, still nothing.

In my ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox folder I have ExtData.edb files from when my library was working properly, is there a way to load the memory/cue points from one of those files?

Or maybe downgrading to 4.0.6 would load everything properly again, but I don't know where to find that version anymore.




I tried renaming the files from when it was working to datafile.edb and ExtData.edb (couldn't remember which holds memory info) and it pulled up the same collection. I assume this means the move to 4.1.0 is causing the issue.


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