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Rekordbox Bricking my flash drive

Interesting problem here.

I purchased a 128GB kinston hyperx Savage USB 3.0 drive about 2 months ago. 

I was exporting from my surface pro 4 and about halfway through an export of ~80 tracks, the drive ejected and rekordbox disconnected from it and gave an error. After restarting and retrying, I found that windows was saying my drive was write-protected and that I could not export to it.

I thought this was an issue with the flash drive, but after getting my replacement from Kingston, I just now tried to export on a different computer and the SAME issue happened. Got about 25% through exporting.

I've tried every formatting/cmd/disk management/registry edit trick possible and the drives are no longer working. 

This only happened on my two mobile PCs, my desktop was able to export to these drives fine.

Any ideas? Frustrating to have $70 flash drives randomly bricking themselves.

Christian Jackson

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