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Critically important and easy feature requests -Recordbox DJ

I'll make this short and sweet.

The main waveform display for the decks doesn't allow zooming out enough. It zooms ridiculously close but only zooms out to 6 bars. I like to see what is ahead in the track I am playing and match it way ahead of time with my next track for long house transitions, 6 bars is not enough. 

Make more flexibility with the font sizes and line heights. It goes from small to nano small. I have a 27 inch monitor I use mostly and its really hard to read even at the larger setting.


(This request isn't as important as the top two)
The waveform color compared to Serato seems too red. In Serato it is nice because you can often easily see when hats or a snare comes in or the song changes a little bit. With the waveforms how the are in Recordbox everything just blends into each other, making it hard to see. Maybe an option to tweak the waveform colors would be be easy to implement. I think the problem right now is the frequency for the color red (bass) extends too far, or is weighted too much in comparison to the other frequencies.


Thanks in advance for your help! 


Peter Ballasiotes

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