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FEATURE REQUEST: MIDI Mappable Neelde Drop search for browser preview.

The Problem:

1. Using the "Preview Skip" button isn't very accurate for listening to parts of a song in the browser.

2. Using a mouse to click to hear specific parts of the browser preview is not very feasible when playing live.


The Solution:

1. Make it possible to "Needle Drop" anywhere in the browser preview from a midi mappable control. (Ideally a touchstrip control)


How It's Done:

Give us a MIDI note message we can send to Rekordbox with velocity from 1 to 127 to "needle drop" and play anywhere on the preview area. Velocity 0 would be used as a note off message and stop playback of the preview. This setup would use an absolute midi message so that it's possible to drag your finger and pinpoint areas of the preview with a 1:1 ratio of accuracy.

Let me know what you think. Thank you.





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