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Saving Playlists [M3U playlist file has more songs than Rekordbox Playlist?]

So unfortunately I did not start off using iTunes as the basis for my playlists initially. I've spent a considerable amount of time fine tuning playlists on rekordbox but now I'm trying to export / replicate those playlists in iTunes so I can start using the Sync manager to keep iTunes playlists and Rekordbox playlists identical. I noticed today when I save playlist to m3u8 file and double click on the file it imports a playlist with a larger amount of songs to iTunes? Not sure why this is happening? As a test, I saved the same rekordbox playlist to a text file which listed the proper amount of songs in the rekordbox playlist.

UPDATE * Noticed when double clicking the m3u8 to import rekordbox playlists into iTunes .......if the playlists are the same name as others already in iTunes it seems like iTunes doesn't see the difference and delegates to what is already in there. Still working on this but it seems that changing the playlist name (For Example "Old School 2") Fixes it. Still investigating to see if I'll get inconsistent song numbers within playlists"

Dominic Carter

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