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Beatgrids Issue - Some beatgrinds wont update correctly!

Issue: While updating beatgrids I came accross an annoying bug. When I updated the beatgrid for a song then later went to play it in performance mode the beatgrid was off. I then switched back to Export mode and fixed it again. Then went back into performance mode and it was off. While in export mode if I switched to a different song and then back to the song having the issue I noticed the same problem where the beatgrid was off. THEN I found out if I scroll to the middle of the song the beatgrid was correct.. THEN if I scrolled back to the starting of the song it would also show that it was correct there to all the sudden.

Summary: If I update the beat grind then reload the song the beatgrid is off but if I scroll to the middle of the song the beatgrid will correct itself but will load wrong everytime.

SOLUTION: While writing this I figured out how to resolve the issue but its still a problem considering the program does this. 

IF the songs beatgrid is in the middle of the white line at the start of the track it will cause this error. ONLY if you set the grid from its current position RIGHT after the white line (Setting it 2+ beats or more wont fix it as I set it 32 beats from the whiteline it would not save) the song will then load correctly everytime

David Klein

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