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Rekordbox iOS App

An overview and requests for further fine-tuning for the most current update on the Rekordbox App Version: 2.1.0

The app works a little better with the XDJ- Aero. Pioneer, please re-visit the app to make these fine-tuning adjustments to get a proficient app for use with the XDJ Aero which is what it was originally designed for. 


I do notice that:


While USB Browsing is turned on, when I go into SEARCH and start searching for something...I always notice a "pause" or "glitch" or "Hesitation" on the keyboard as I begin to enter text... it is almost as though when the first two letters are entered the app gets a little bogged down searching for matches already on the USB drive. 

It would be ideal if the search ran smoothly like it used to on the previous version. This SEARCH feature still needs to be streamlined. 

Lastly with SEARCH, it would be nice if one could search and then return back to the playlist one was recently in. It always just takes you back to the main menu and you have to navigate all the way to the play list you were in before you started to search. 



I've also been noticing that while using this app on an iPad Air 2... at times when I press the "back" button on the actual XDJ-Aero (while controlling the iPad app with the Aero knob and back button) it sometime goes "back" two steps rather then just one level. I have had at times to power cycle the iPad itself for this to stop happening. 



When using touch interface on iPad to browse for tracks, when one finds a track one needs and would like to play... if you elect that track by tapping on it... it takes you into the screen where you are able to see more details of that track. Once you assign that track to a deck... that information screen still remains open... before it used to go back to the Playlist, or Folder one was viewing to continue browsing. In other words... when you are scrolling through a Playlist and tap with your fingers on the iPad on a track you want to assign to a deck it takes you to the track info page... once you assign it to a deck and that track is actually loaded it should then take you back one screen to continue viewing the playlist of tracks- rather than just stay at that info screen. please fix this. 



I have also noticed that the "Load Lock Feature" does not display anything on the iPad App... so when you try to load a track to a deck that already has a track playing... it won't interrupt it since the future is enabled on the Aero itself... the Aero display shows a little message "Load Lock"... but no visual feed back is given on the actual app. I have even attempted to go into setting sand make sure this feature is enabled in the app and even with it enabled it doesn't display anything on the screen which makes things confusing since you think you loaded the track to the proper deck that you needed to. 


Pioneer, thank you for your time and attention to this. 

Jason Cova

Jason Cova

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