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FEATURE REQUEST: Make memory cues 1 through 8 MIDI mapable.

The Problem:

I put my memory cues at major changes in a song (intro, drop, break, etc). It's important for me to be able to jump to these places so I tend to put all of my hot cues exactly where my memory cues are placed. This means that my hot cues aren't being used for performance purposes but just the rudimentary task of what I believe memory cues where designed for. I would love to be able to set my hot cues on words or musical notes and use them in a more spontaneous performance way but having the ability to instantly jump to where I've placed my memory cues is just more important.


The Solution:

Make memory cues 1 to 8 MIDI mappable. This will allow people to essentially have a second page of pads they can map to memory cues and leave hot cues for performance purposes.

Thank you. Let me know what you think.


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