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XDJ-RX (FW2.20) - rekordbox DJ (4.2.5)

I want to share with u my XDJ RX mapping for Rekordbox Dj. U can edit the Pad FX area with the fx u need or like on the bank 1 or bank 2.Same thing on Sample bank's, u can put whatever u like... for ex on mine are some dj name drops that i use and some sample sound's like siren or horn.I hope u like it ;)

1: Hot Cue

    A- Hot Cue A

    B- Hot Cue B

    C- Hot Cue C

    D- Hot Cue D

4+1:  Hot Cue

    A- Hot Cue E

    B- Hot Cue F

    C- Hot Cue G

    D- Hot Cue H

2: Auto Beat Loop

    A- 1 Beat Loop

    B- 2 Beat Loop

    C- 4 Beat Loop

    D- 8 Beat Loop

4+A- 1/16 Beat Loop

4+B- 1/8 Beat Loop

4+C- 1/4 Beat Loop

4+D- 1/2 Beat Loop

4+2: Pad Fx Bank1

     A- Slip Loop 1/8

     B- Slip Loop 1/4

     C- Slip Loop 1/2

     D- Slip Loop 1/1

4+A- Delay 3/4

4+B- Filter LFO

4+C- Reverb

4+D- Echo 2/1

5: Pad Fx Bank2

     A- Trans 1/8

     B- Trans 1/4

     C- Trans 1/2

     D- Trans 1/1

4+A- Pitch -40

4+B- Rev Delay 1/1

4+C- M-Tap Delay 1/1

4+D- Backspin 2/1

3: Sampler Mode

     A- Sampler1 Play

     B- Sampler2 Play

     C- Sampler3 Play

     D- Sampler4 Play

4+A- Sampler5 Play

4+B- Sampler6 Play

4+C- Sampler7 Play

4+D- Sampler8 Play

u can download the mapping from here  https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7pv3goq1d6f1r8/Rekordbox%20Dj%204.1%20mapping%20for%20xdj%20rx%20firmware%202.10.csv?dl=0 

Dj Hairless

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@javierjrl : try the steps from the picture, see if can help u 


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How do I do for my RX and wego3 , the jogwheels , please help!

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I need your help
rekordbox DJ is currently spending only master level ... do not spend on XDJ RX I need you to set the remote for me,

look forward to your answer yourself

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