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missing playlists en history on usb with cdj2000nxs

I use rekordbox dj at home with a ddj-ssx controller and have a USB drive to use on a cdj or xdj elsewhere.

I have all my playlists synced to this usb including my rekordbox history(generated while playing with the ddj in performance mode) en playlists generated out of my history.

last time i played with cdj2000nxs with usb linked on the two players my history and 'history generated playlists' were not showing on the menu. Does this have anything to do with these lists being generated in performance mode with the ddj? or is there a compatibility problem somewhere? In rekordbox all these list are shown as being synchronized to usb in the synchronization window.

did anyone experience the same problem or has a solution? 

Joeri Seghers

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