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RB crashes while plugging in USB

Hey Guys,

after using my SD Card in the CDJ 2000nxs it is not possible anymore to read it with my PC (Win 10, RB Ver.4.11)

I'm currently on tour and the SD-Card is synced with my home PC. So I have to edit my playlists on the external drive (on Laptop) itself. 

Right after plugging in the ext. Devise, RB wants to import the histories, but it freezes at 0% and I have to close RB the tough way. 

What I've already tried:

- Updated RB from 4.1 to 4.11

- RB already reinstalled 

- SD Card cleared

- Cloning the SD-Card on a new USB Stick

- Without the ext. drive RB works properly, unless I stick the device in

Any ideas? Thank you!!!

Johannes Hoerr

Jo Hannes

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